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IPv4 ping sites, listed by ASN. (An IPv6 Ping page is also available.)

If you know of a working IPv4 ping site that isn't listed below, feel free to add it. (Don't have a wiki account yet? Sign up here.) Sites should allow pings to any specified address.

Please correct any errors you find on this list. If a site is no longer responding, please change the “OK” in the Notes column to “FAILED” along with the date (mm/dd/yy). If the site becomes operational again, please change the “FAILED” message back to “OK”. If a site has been in “FAILED” status for over a month, it can be removed from the wiki.

Use the URL if you wish to link to this page.

ASN Provider Link Notes
680 DFN OK
766 RedIRIS OK
852 Telus OK
1299 TeliaSonera OK
2110 EsatBT OK
3356 Level3 OK
4691 OK
4802 iiNet OK
5056 netINS OK
5400 BT - British Telecom OK
6373 Opus One OK
6453 Teleglobe OK
6461 Zayo OK
6653 foreThought OK
6730 Sunrise OK
6939 Hurricane Electric OK
8218 Neotelecoms/Eunetworks OK
8262 evolink OK
8331 RiNet OK
8422 NetCologne OK
8515 DataForce OK
9370 Sakura Internet OK
9607 BroadBand Tower - Japan OK
15968 Netpilot OK
17557 Nexlinx OK
21131 Sacura Telecom OK
21230 Mnet OK
21698 OK
23504 OK
24611 FMC Consulting OK
24956 Gaertner Datensysteme OK
25409 AlsysNet OK
28681 Khmelnitsk Infocom OK
29686 Probe Networks OK
30315 Network Tools OK
30781 Jaguar Network OK
33843 interscholz Internet Services OK
41095 IPTP Networks OK
50300 Custodian Data Centre OK
62563 GTHost OK

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